Flexible, independent and reliable

At TRIDELTA Thermprozess we know what our customers need and can build the solution to match, to make your manufacturing processes safer and more efficient. We deliver consistent quality along the entire value chain, from first contact to commissioning and beyond.

Weitläufiger Blick auf Industrieöfen im Schwarzbereich der Fertigung

Our industrial furnaces: made to measure
from concept to commissioning

Expert advice

As new technologies emerge, large investments are often required to adapt existing production processes. Drawing on our extensive experience and solution-focused approach, we work with you for an in-depth analysis of your requirements to determine the technology best suited for your needs.

Design & development

Your product guides our work: from first concept to design release, from manufacturing to first operation, we develop and build your individual solution precisely based on your technological requirements.

In-house manufacturing

Weitläufiger Blick auf Industrieöfen in der Fertigung

We have all areas of production under one roof: steel construction, refractory lining, media supply, and process control. Our experienced specialists ensure highest quality in system installation and service.

Installing & commissioning

Inbetriebnahmesituation: Mitarbeiter an blauem Industrieofen bei factory acceptance test

All manufactured systems are assembled and installed by our specialist installers at your site. From delivery to final assembly, from commissioning to final verification of properties, as your single provider we have all this covered – and more.

Experience production at first hand

Sign up to a guided tour of our production site at Hermsdorf, Germany, and gain first-hand insight into our development and manufacturing processes. Learn interesting facts abut thermal processing technology, energy efficiency and heat recovery.

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Außenansicht: Blick auf das Firmengebäude der TRIDELTA Thermprozess GmbH

Overview of our services

Feasibility studies and
material tests

Developing the ideal solution for our customers means that we have first to gather technical data to base our technological concept on. To do this, alongside traditional concept studies we offer preliminary studies using our available systems to determine the most suitable furnace technology.

Maintenance and repairs

Regular maintenance is the foundation of dependable around-the-clock availability. We deliver scheduled maintenance interventions and necessary repairs for our own systems as well as third-party plants.

Refractory equipment and
furnace lining

Refractory materials are subject to wear: preventive measures to conserve useful life, short-term repairs to avert imminent damage or even complete relining jobs are all part of our day-to-day operations.

Energy-efficiency checks and optimizations

Requirements for energy efficiency have substantially changed over the years – and keep changing. We work with you to analyze your existing thermal processing equipment and identify potentials for efficiency gains through conversion and retrofitting.

Blick auf technisches Detail eines Industrieofens

High-efficiency industrial furnaces

We develop custom thermal processing equipment for heat-treating high-tech materials in the ceramics, powder metallurgy, microelectronics or environmental technology industries, designed and built precisely to your process and technology requirements.