Developing new ideas with passion and drive

01. July 2022

Blick auf offene Industrieofenanlage lädt zur Werksführung ein

Developing new ideas with passion and drive


Never stand still – this also goes for our company and its people.

Not standing still necessarily means change. In July, change will happen at the very top of our company.

After nearly 20 years in the role, Frank Burgstedt will hand over his position as managing director with Tridelta Thermprozess GmbH to his successor.

Mr Burgstedt will remain with the company and continue to manage ongoing projects,

sharing his experience and supporting us with expert advice.


We are extremely happy to continue to profit from his extensive knowledge in the various fields that we, as a company, are active in.

With his successor, Marcel Kühn, we have managed to fill the demanding role with a proven team player and innovator.


Mr Kühn has been with Tridelta Thermprozess GmbH since 2004. Starting out as a Sales assistant, he has been Director of sales in recent years and, since the start of this year, also a Deputy managing director.

Mr Kühn is ready and looking forward to assuming this responsibility with great passion and respect. The shareholders of Tridelta Thermprozess GmbH have great confidence in the abilities of their new managing director and wish him success and all the energy needed for this demanding new role, paving a sustainable way forward for our company.


We hope that you too will place your full trust in Mr Kühn and look forward to continue working with you as partner, customer or supplier.


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