Successful completion of a biomass recycling plant with biochar production at Live Energies GmbH

31. March 2024

The completion of the plant marks a significant milestone in the circular economy and renewable energy generation. This innovative facility is designed to efficiently utilize organic waste through a patented process to produce high quality bio-coal for various applications. The project was successfully realized through intensive planning and close cooperation between Tridelta Thermprozess and external engineers, environmental experts and technicians from Live Energies. The plant was equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal processing of various biomasses and to produce high quality coal as the end product. It uses an innovative process that efficiently converts organic materials into a stable and versatile product. Careful control of the production process ensures that the quality of the bio-coal produced is consistent and meets the requirements of various industries. Another important aspect of this plant and the technology behind it is its contribution to environmental protection. By recycling organic waste and producing bio-coal (amongst others as a renewable energy source), the plant can actively contribute to the reduction of landfill sites and greenhouse gas emissions. The successful close of this project is the result of dedicated teamwork and a clear commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. The biomass to coal plant is not only an efficient solution for waste recycling, but also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional fuels. Overall, the completion of this project demonstrates the potential and importance of biomass recycling facilities in promoting a sustainable circular economy and the transition to renewable energy.

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